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Void Black Cat Sticker Sheet

Void Black Cat Sticker Sheet

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21 Stickers.

7 Medium Paw Stickers - 2cm x 1.3cm (approx)
6 Mini Paw Stickers - 0.8cm x 0.8cm (approx)
Fang Cat Sticker - 3.1cm x 2.7cm (approx)
Cheeky Cat Sticker - 2.6cm x 3.3cm (approx)
Feed Me Sticker - 0.8cm x 3cm (approx)
Angry Cat Sticker - 2.5cm x 3.1cm (approx)
Void Cat Sticker - 2.6cm x 3cm (approx)
Fluffy belly Cat sticker 2.1cm x 3.2cm (approx)
Cat in a box sticker - 2.8cm x 2.8cm (approx)
Meow Sticker - 1.1cm x 3.1 cm (approx)

These stickers are not waterproof but will not be damaged by minor water exposure.


Shipping details

All packaging is fully recyclable/compostable.

We aim to process orders as quickly as possible, please be aware that over bank holidays their may be delays with our courier.

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